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We protect convenience/fuel retailers from theft, skimming & router take-over.

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Real Time Theft Deterrence. Really!

Instant Power Cutoff at Dispenser

If tampering or breech at the dispenser or UST is detected, power is immediately cut.

Instant Notification  at Point of Sale

Employees inside are notified of tampering at dispensers, at router, etc., in real time.

Instant Landline, Email,  Text Alerts

Your corporate office, off-duty manager, police—whomever you choose—know instantly.

industry leader in protecting Fuel dispensers

Our solution is simple.

No power, no loss.

Once our system detects an unauthorized intrusion, power is cut to the dispenser, rendering it secure until power is restored by an authorized employee.

An industry need to stem a growing problem and a solution born of home-grown ingenuity and craftsmanship have come together to stop the rising problem of fuel theft.

What Our customers have to say

Stripes® Convenience Stores (Susser Oil) has adopted the use of Flint Loc®  in their business model to protect their fuel. What really sealed the deal according to Robin was...

"within 3 days, we caught a break-in and it has significantly reduced our fuel theft.”

Robin Dehart, Compliance Field Manager, Stripes Convenience Store

"We recently experienced several break ins and extensive damage to our pumps over a period of five days. After researching our options, we decided to purchase and install your FlintLoc system.

Two days after installation was completed, there was another attempt made to steal gas and damage our pumps. I am thrilled to say that the locks worked perfectly!! As soon as they pried open the panel door to the pump, the alarm sounded and the dispenser shut down immediatly! We lost no gas, no money, and there was no internal damage to the pump.

We are grateful that we had the Flint Locs installed and hope that every gas station has the option to get them.“

Bob Lutz, Owner El Dorado Food Mart

“Prior to installing the FlintLocs at a high volume card lock, we were experiencing significant theft of diesel. Since the installation, we have not lost a single gallon due to theft...

Going forward, FlintLocs will be part of our standard equipment package.”

Terry Calhoun, Brewer Oil Company

"We have installed Flint Loc pump alarms at eight of our high-theft locations in southern Arizona. The results speak for themselves:

since installing the pump alarms, theft incidents have been reduced to zero!“

Jeff Carpenter, Reay’s Ranch Investors, Tucson, Arizona

"Every Flint Loc we have installed has worked flawless as stated! Our customers absolutely love the results and have not reported any loss in fuel since installation.”

David du Menil, Service Technician

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